Your career as a Carpenter begins today in our NCCER accredited carpentry, plumbing and electrical programs.

Level One


  • Orientation to the Trade
  • Building Materials, Fasteners, and Adhesives
  • Hand and Power Tools
  • Introduction to Construction Drawings, Specifications, and Layout
  • Floor Systems
  • Wall Systems
  • Ceiling Joist and Roof Framing
  • Basic Stair Layout
  • Introduction to Building Envelope Systems

Rough Carpentry Program

The Trade School at SBE offers NCCER modules in carpentry to form a Rough Carpentry program. We focus on the modules that allow you to become a framer in the local industry.

The Rough Carpentry Program was designed with input from local contractors. This opportunity provides essential training for novice and professional carpenters to build competencies in their chosen trade. Taking new knowledge and processes to the worksite to increase productivity and reduce costs.

The program begins with the Core semester, then proceeds for four more semesters in carpentry training. NCCER offers badges for each module completed and the Trade School awards a certificate of completion in Rough Carpentry. OSHA 10 hour certificates and CPR certificates will be included in the program.