Frequently Asked Questions

What Courses are Available?

Craft Training is currently available for Electrical, Carpentry, and Plumbing. However, other courses open for enrollment based on market demand. All enrollments are on a first come, first serve basis until the class has reached its capacity.

When are the Courses?

Typically courses are in the evenings and run from the end of August through Mid-December and then the end of January through Mid-May similar to a traditional Fall/Spring semester schedule.

How do I Enroll?

To become enrolled in a Craft Training course an individual must complete the application packet, attend a mandatory orientation, pass a drug screen (referrals issued), provide proof of High School diploma or GED and pay the course fees.

How Long is the Craft Training Program?

The Craft Training Program is 4 and a half years in total length.

Do I Have to Enroll in All 4 Years?

No, enrollments are taken on a semester by semester basis.

How is the Program Structured?

Each course is a prerequisite to the next (starting with Core) and must be successfully completed before advancing to the next course. 

Beginning January 2024 the Trade School will be on a quarter system. If you have any questions please call us!

If I have been working in the field can I challenge a course?

Yes. The SBE Trade School requires 3rd party written verification of at least 1,040 hours of in-field experience per semester course challenged. Challenges are not allowed for more than 50% of the program.

When is the Next Course Open for Enrollment?

Prior to each semester, the determination whether or not to offer a beginning level 1 course is evaluated based on the availability of instructors, the number of students interested in pursuing a career, and whether we can reasonably expect the students in the program to be employed. To learn what courses are currently open for enrollment please contact the Trade School directly at (530) 222-1917.

Does the SBE Trade School Help Students to Find Employment?

Yes, the Shasta Builders Exchange consists of hundreds of member contractors encompassing six northern counties. While employment is not guaranteed, many contractors contact the SBE Trade School when they are looking to hire a new employee.

We recommend using the Smart Center in Redding, the CalJobs website and for posting resumes and job searches.

Is There Hands-On Experience Included in the Course?

Absolutely, construction is a hands-on career. The SBE Trade School has a 2,000 square foot workshop that is stocked with a wide array of tools and materials.

What Does It Take to Pass a Course?

You must take and pass all exams. Typically, for each chapter, there is a written and hands-on performance exam that must be passed before you can successfully complete the course. A passing score for the written exam is 70% or better while the performance exams are rated on a pass or fail basis. The minimum to pass each semester is 75% average on the exams. In addition to grades, all students must maintain excellent attendance to successfully advance to the next semester.

Does the Electrical Craft Training Program Meet California Requirements?

Yes, the SBE Trade School operates the Electrical program under Shasta Trinity ROP school number 107 and is listed on the State of California website.

Can I Get College Credit for the Craft Training Courses?

No, not at this time.

Will I Receive Certificates?

Yes, the SBE Trade School is Nationally Accredited by NCCER as a construction training facility which gives students many added benefits. Students receive certificates, official transcripts and wallet cards. Courses successfully completed are transferable to other NCCER accredited facilities throughout the United States and abroad.

How Much Do the Courses Cost?

The courses are $655 a semester. There is a payment plan option available that allows a student to make a down payment of $235 to secure a seat in the course and then three equal monthly payments of $140 with the first payment being due the third Friday of the first month after the course has begun.

Are There Additional Costs to Getting Enrolled in the Craft Training Programs?

Yes, the student must pass a drug screen and purchase their textbooks. The drug screening fees are paid by the students. There are 5 textbooks required over the course of the program. Textbooks range in price and are subject to changes made by the publisher. Currently, prices for books average $150.

Does the SBE Trade School Accept Course Fees from the Department of Rehabilitation?

Yes, with the proper documentation and approval.

Is There Any Federal Financial Aid Available?

Unfortunately, not at this time. The SBE Trade School is currently in the process of obtaining the necessary approvals to be able to offer additional financing options to our students.

Is There Any Other Financial Assistance Available?

Yes, there are local and national scholarships.

Can I Use My GI Bill to Pay for Courses?
Unfortunately, not at this time. There is a 20% discount on tuition for Veteran’s, currently reducing their cost by $120.00 a semester.