IVES Forklift Operator


Warehouse Forklift Training for Classifications 1, 4, & 5



Instruction on forklift fatalities and injuries, forklift stability and center of gravity, operation rules, load handling.

Training and certification regulations.

Practical Training

Pre-Shift Inspections, Hands-On Instruction, On-site Evaluations

Students will demonstrate all skills and procedures on-site with actual equipment. 


Cal/OSHA recommend recertification every three years.

Don’t compromise on training when safety is at stake,



IVES Forklift programs meet or exceed all applicable safety requirements, including government regulations and industry standards.

Forklift Safety

According to OSHA, of the 855,900 forklifts in the United States, 11% will be involved in an accident this year. This will result in 61,800 non-serious accidents, 34,900 serious injuries, and 85 fatalities.

  • Crushed by forklift tipping over 42% 42%
  • Crushed between vehicle and a surface 25% 25%
  • Construction and manufaturing share of fatalities 66.3% 66.3%
  • Percentage of accidents avoided with proper training 70% 70%

Forklift Training with IVES

The IVES Training Group has achieved national recognition as a leader in powered mobile equipment training. Our success is attributed to our philosophy that there is only one way to prevent industrial equipment-related injuries or deaths along with the associated costs of decreased productivity, downtime and damage… that is to train right the first time – thoroughly, efficiently and professionally

We believe when safety is at stake there is no room for compromise. IVES maintains the highest standard of accuracy, quality, and professionalism in all our training programs and materials. Trainees must not only learn safety theory, they must understand the logic behind it. Trainees need to believe in the philosophy before they will put their knowledge to use. They need to learn not only “WHAT” to do, but also be shown “HOW” to do it and, most importantly, “WHY” it must be done.